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Digital Ads
Preparing Your Artwork
Virginia Jewish Life makes no adjustments to color, ink balance, lightness or darkness, sharpness or dot gain. Digital materials are considered camera-ready and will publish as provided by advertisers. VJL accepts ads created in both Macintosh and PC platforms. We ask that your ads be converted to Portable Document Format (PDF).

  • Attention QuarkXpress Users:
    When creating a PDF file in Quark make sure that you add 1" around the ad in the Paper Size prompt field under the Page Setup window, add crop marks and .125 for bleed. This will ensure that the ad size of your document will be correct.

Preparing Your Digital Ads
Adobe PDF Format
The Portable Document Format, or PDF, provides the most effective means for transmitting digital ad files and produces a file format that can be displayed and printed across a variety of platforms and operating systems. PDF includes all of the graphics and fonts needed to print your ad. Please make sure that all security settings are left unchecked in Acrobat Distiller prior to sending your ad to VJL. The use of the security feature will not allow VJL to process and/or print your ad.

When not using PDF include the following:

  • All screen and printer fonts.
  • All placed graphics.
  • Name(s) of the file(s) stored on the media.
  • Name(s) of software and version used for each file.
  • Name(s) of each type font used.
  • Advertiser name and phone number.
  • Name of the job, run date and version.

Digital Production Guidelines

  • Convert text that is included in a logo to outline graphics.
  • Minimize the number of points used when creating clipping paths.
  • Do not use “Publish and Subscribe” features for graphics on Macintosh computers.
  • Do not nest EPS files within other EPS files.
  • Confirm that all ads are the correct dimensions.
  • Confirm all text, rules and graphics are within the print area.
  • Delete all extraneous and unprintable information from the digital document and the pasteboard. Don’t cover up items.
  • Confirm that all colors are prepared for CMYK separations and
    unused colors are removed from the color palette.
  • Verify that the correct versions of all files required for the job (linked graphics files, borders and rules) have been included on the supplied media.
  • Communicate any compatibility issues pertaining to application program enhancements such as extensions, plug-ins and add-ons.
  • Four-color images must be in CMYK form. No RGB, lab or indexed color accepted in any ad, black and white or color.
  • Do not use “Super Blacks,” “Rich Blacks,” “CMYK Blacks,” or “Process Black” for text.
  • Black & white images should be in grayscale form.
  • Embed all fonts.
  • We do not accept any PC applications for digital ads.
  • Make sure all knockouts and overprints are properly set.
  • Please proof and check all PDF files prior to transmission.

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